Education through a telescope: opportunities in a school with astronomical facilities and equipment Overview

There is a growing list of areas of study that might be facilitated by having an astronomical facility. 
The following is a list of suggestions for projects that students might engage with. If successful in these projects, students will have demonstrated proficiency in the Key Science Skills set out in the VCE Physics Study Design, as follows:
  • Develop aims and questions, formulate hypotheses and make predictions
  • Plan and undertake investigations
  • Comply with safety and ethical guidelines
  • Conduct investigations to collect and record data
  • Analyse and evaluate data, methods and scientific models
  • Draw evidence-based conclusions
  • Communicate and explain scientific ideas
A common way for Physics (and other) students to demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have developed is via a poster. Sections on the poster are also set out in the VCE Physics Study Design.