What will an astronomical facility look like?

● A dome is an unmistakable landmark. It is either separate from other buildings on a
low deck, or on the roof of a building. If it is visible from outside of the school
grounds, it is a signal to others of the relationship the school has with STEM subjects,
and of the style of teaching the school uses.

● A range of optical equipment is found inside the facility. In the centre of the dome is
a pier supporng a large equatorial mount. Depending on its ability, the mount can
have one, two or even three telescopes on it at once. These scopes are specialised
for different targets, such as planets, nebulas or daytime solar viewing.

● A computer controls the mount, the telescopes and any other equipment such as
cameras, filters, focus motors, etc. This computer may be controlled enrely
remotely, meaning under some circumstances the entire facility may operate

● Parts of the facility are automated. The dome itself opens and closes on command
from the computer, and the dome rotates so the aperture is always in front of the

● For facilities that are set up for remote or unattended operation, safety equipment
such as cloud detectors, rain detectors and anemometers constantly monitor the
environment and will close the dome if condions are unsafe. Backup baeries are
installed to allow the dome to close safely if power or communicaon is cut. Finally,
CCTV cameras inside the dome monitor condions (such as telescope posioning,
confirmaon of dome opening and closing, cable management and intruder – animal
or human – detecon).